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June 6, 2019(Thu) - September 10, 2019(Tue)Cyber Incident Response Management

Dates June 6, 2019(Thu) - September 10, 2019(Tue)
Time 09:00-18:00
Venue DNP Gotanda Building
Special Discount¥665,000(+tax)
Price :¥700000(+tax)

Course details

We've recreated a real cyber attack. "Academy of emphasize hands-on learning"
The Cyber Incident Response Management course
By learning how to respond to cyber attacks that evolve daily, by hands-on practice exercises that can acquire the skill which can cope with an unknown attack. In team form, students learn from basic knowledge and coping methods for incident response to application practice. By attending this training, we recognize the usefulness of the team's response to the complex and sophisticated cyber attacks You can experience the fostering and the improvement of the team power. We also provide the curriculum to train your team leaders, not to mention personal skills.

Voice of previous attendees

  • Very practical content. Because it can not be done in a real environment, it was a valuable experience.
  • Since it was a more practical content than the classroom-centered course, we would like to recommend it to coworkers.
  • Although it was difficult to secure the 5-day attendance time, it was worth.
  • It is very good to experience from the beginning to the end of the attack.
  • It was very useful for improving own SOC operations.
  • It is interesting that each person in the team experiences each role and grasps the full range of attacks.

Introduced a training system to respond to the latest cyber attacks

TAME Range
The Cyber Incident Response Management course introduces the "TAME Range" a Israel IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries), which has the world's top-level cyber security technology. TAME Range is a training system capable of improving the level of ability to compete against real threats.

Target attendee

We recommend that you have practical experience in the following topics:
Basic knowledge of Windows Server clients, network fundamentals, and malware protection

What should attendees prepare

Since we are preparing all the equipment used in the exercise at the venue, bringing in a personal computer etc. is unnecessary.

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