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    K1-013/6(Wed), 8:40-9:20

    Cybersecurity Measures for OT Systems in TEPCO Power Grid

    Osamu Sugita

    General Manager

    Cyber Security Center TEPCO Power Grid, Inc.

  • in Japanese

    K1-023/6(Wed), 9:35-10:15

    Invisible attack, behind the destructive attack

    Yukimi Sohta


    Cybereason Japan Corp

    [sponsor] Cybereason Japan Corp

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    K1-033/6(Wed), 10:30-11:10

    Only Cutting Edge Technology prevents Emerging Threats

    Tetsuya Kawai

    CrowdStrike Japan

    [sponsor]SecureWorks Japan K.K.

  • K1-043/6(Wed), 11:25-12:05

    Defense-in-Concert: Moving Beyond Defense-in-Depth

    Jeff Multz

    General Manager & Global Security Evangelist

    SecureWorks Japan K.K.

    [sponsor] Jeff Multz
    General Manager & Global Security Evangelist
    SecureWorks Japan K.K.

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    K1-053/6(Wed), 12:25-13:05

    Coming Soon

    Koichi Suzuki

    Senior Service Management Architect

    Fess Co.,Ltd.

    [sponsor] ZOHO Japan Corporation.

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    E1-053/6(Wed), 12:25-13:05

    The Enterprise Immune System: The World's Leading Cyber AI

    Gou Makino

    Cyber Security Account Executive

    Darktrace Japan KK

    [sponsor] Darktrace Japan KK

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    E1-063/6(Wed), 13:20-14:00

    Coming Soon

    Akira Sei

    Senior Manager

    NTT Communications Corporation

    [sponsor] NTT Communications Corporation

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    A1-073/6(Wed), 14:15-14:55

    Coming Soon

    Yoji Miyazaki

    Marketing Division・Product Manager

    Soliton Systems K.K.

    [sponsor] Soliton Systems K.K.

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    B1-073/6(Wed), 14:15-14:55

    The IT strategy to be released from double investment of On-premise and Cloud

    Naoki Isomura

    Principal Sales Engineer

    Symantec Corporation

    [sponsor] Symantec Corporation

  • in Japanese

    C1-073/6(Wed), 14:15-14:55

    Coming Soon

    Shinichi Nakamura

    Security Business Promotion Division,Manager

    NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.

    [sponsor] NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.

  • in Japanese

    A1-083/6(Wed), 15:10-15:50

    Protecting the organizations from cyber attacks and internal threats. What are the points of Inergrated Log Management System?

    Kenichiro Adachi

    Product Department Cyber Security Consulting Team Leader

    Infoscience Corporation

    [sponsor] Kenichiro Adachi
    Product Department Cyber Security Consulting Team Leader
    Infoscience Corporation

  • in Japanese

    B1-083/6(Wed), 15:10-15:50

    Solution and case study of mobile phishing attack against enterprise

    Masafumi Ourachi

    Senior Solution Architect

    Lookout Japan K.K.

    [sponsor] Lookout Japan K.K.

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    C1-083/6(Wed), 15:10-15:50

    The security strategy which lead to customer success in multi-cloud era

    Senior Solution Architect

    [sponsor] Net One Systems Co.,Ltd

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    A1-093/6(Wed), 16:05-16:45

    Coming Soon

    Kenji Tomizu

    Macnica Networks Corp.

    [sponsor] Macnica Networks Corp.

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    B1-093/6(Wed), 16:05-16:45

    Intro to SANS Training Programs and Its Case Studies

    Yoshihiro Sekitori

    Managing Director, Japan

    SANS Institute

    [sponsor] SANS Institute

  • in Japanese

    D1-093/6(Wed), 16:05-16:45

    How to choose EDR and the point of operation

    Yuki Sato

    Solution Planning Div.

    Network Value Components Ltd.

    [sponsor] Network Value Components Ltd.

  • in Japanese

    E1-093/6(Wed), 16:05-16:45

    CYBERGYM's security solutions for ICS / SCADA.

    Shoichiro Tanaka

    VLC HOLDINGS CO., LTD. Director,
    Strategic Cyber Holdings LLC / CYBERGYM TOKYO

    [sponsor] Strategic Cyber Holdings LLC

  • B1-103/6(Wed), 17:00-17:40

    Optimize your Security Operations using DNS and Threat Intel Data

    Victor Danevich

    Chief Technology Officer

    Infoblox Inc.

    [sponsor] Infoblox Inc.

  • in Japanese

    D1-113/6(Wed), 17:50-18:30

    Coming Soon

    Takashi Ichihara

    DIRECTOR,Information Systems Division

    Kanagawa Prefectural Office

  • in Japanese

    K2-013/7(Thu), 8:40-9:20

    Coming Soon


    President & Representative Director

    LAC Co., Ltd.

  • K2-033/7(Thu), 10:30-11:10

    Is your Vulnerability Management program ready DevOps, Cloud and the evolving threat landscape?

    Ric Walford

    Director, Global Sales Engineers


    [sponsor] Tripwire Japan K.K.

  • K2-043/7(Thu), 11:25-12:05

    Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Advanced Cyber Security Threats
    - OPSWAT, a cybersecurity company with solutions installed in more than 98% of nuclear facilities in the US, will be sharing best practices -

    Yiyi Miao

    Vice President of Products

    OPSWAT, Inc.

    Kazuya Yoshikawa

    Business Development Marketing Specialist

    Net One Partners Co., Ltd.

    [sponsor] Net One Partners Co., Ltd.

  • K2-053/7(Thu), 12:25-13:05

    Social Engineering and an Introduction on how hack

    Ari Davies


    Deloitte Tohmatsu Risk Services Co., Ltd.

    [sponsor] Deloitte Tohmatsu Risk Services Co., Ltd.

  • in Japanese

    D2-053/7(Thu), 12:25-13:05

    Today's global threats and SonicWall's recommendation for key security measures

    Akihiro Hompu

    Country Manager Japan

    SonicWall Japan Inc.

    [sponsor] SonicWall Japan Inc.

  • in Japanese

    E2-053/7(Thu), 12:25-13:05

    Why ISMS is essential to action to information security?

    [sponsor] Optima Solutions inc.

  • in Japanese

    A2-073/7(Thu), 14:15-14:55

    Coming Soon

    Rena Ueno

    Marketing Division・Product Manager

    Soliton Systems K.K.

    [sponsor] Soliton Systems K.K.

  • in Japanese

    B2-073/7(Thu), 14:15-14:55

    Websites threats & countermeasures 2018

    Kazuo Saito


    JP-Secure Inc.

    [sponsor] JP-Secure Inc.

  • in Japanese

    C2-073/7(Thu), 14:15-14:55

    Approach to optimize cloud operation and introduction of domestic cloud security solution

    Atsushi Inoue

    Assistant Manager Business Solution Business Department

    NTT TechnoCross Corporation.

    Hiroyuki Ishii

    Assistant Manager Business Solution Business Department

    NTT TechnoCross Corporation

    [sponsor] NTT TechnoCross Corporation

  • in Japanese

    A2-083/7(Thu), 15:10-15:50

    Internal countermeasure security performed at the network level

    Akira Nagayama

    Technical Support

    PIOLINK, Inc.

    [sponsor] PIOLINK, Inc.

  • in Japanese

    B2-083/7(Thu), 15:10-15:50

    Coming Soon

    Yasuhito Mori

    Advanced Technology Group



  • in Japanese

    D2-083/7(Thu), 15:10-15:50

    Coming Soon

    Tomoki Hatakeyama

    P&T Digital Business Unit, Executive Officer, Principal

    ABeam Consulting Ltd.

    [sponsor] ABeam Consulting Ltd.

  • in Japanese

    A2-093/7(Thu), 16:05-16:45

    Secure Access to promote Tele-working

    Toshiaki Ito

    Sales Director, Japan and Korea

    Pulse Secure Japan K.K.

    [sponsor] Pulse Secure Japan K.K.

  • C2-093/7(Thu), 16:05-16:45

    Securing the Cloud and Mobile Enterprise

    David Shephard

    Vice President, Asia Pacific and Japan


    [sponsor] Bitglass,Inc(America)

  • in Japanese

    E2-093/7(Thu), 16:05-16:45

    Coming Soon

    Nobumoto Magome

    Consulting Systems Engineer, System Engineering

    Fortinet Japan K.K.

    [sponsor] Network Value Components Ltd.

  • in Japanese

    A2-103/7(Thu), 17:00-17:40

    Coming Soon

    Tatsuya Asai

    Consulting Systems Engineer, Cybersecurity Sales

    Cisco Systems G.K.

    [sponsor] Cisco Systems G.K.

  • in Japanese

    E2-103/7(Thu), 17:00-17:40

    Coming Soon



    S&J Corporation

    [sponsor] S&J Corporation

  • K3-023/8(Fri), 9:35-10:15

    Fight Against Upcoming Cyber Attacks
    - CYFIRMA Cyber Threat Intelligence

    Kumar Ritesh

    CYFIRMA Chairman & CEO

    Antuit K.K. (CYFIRMA)

    [sponsor] Antuit K.K.

  • in Japanese

    K3-033/8(Fri), 10:30-11:10

    Reconstruction of security strategy corresponding to ”Zero trust" world created by clouds and bots

    Kazuhiro Nakanishi

    Web & Enterprise Marketing Div. Product Marketing Manager

    Akamai Technologies G.K.

    [sponsor] Akamai Technologies G.K.

  • in Japanese

    D3-053/8(Fri), 12:25-13:05

    How to proceed with the internet isolation solution in reference to the financial company's use case

    [sponsor] J’s Communication Co., Ltd.

  • in Japanese

    E3-053/8(Fri), 12:25-13:05

    Never compromise productivity for security!
    - Remote Browser Isolation saves user and your data -

    Hiroaki Aoki

    Product Marketing Specialist

    K.K. Ashisuto

    [sponsor] K.K. Ashisuto

  • in Japanese

    A3-073/8(Fri), 14:15-14:55

    Coming Soon

    Shoko Araki

    Marketing Division・Evangelist

    Soliton Systems K.K.

    [sponsor] Soliton Systems K.K.

  • in Japanese

    B3-073/8(Fri), 14:15-14:55

    Strengthen Your Email Security with “People Centric Security” for the Very Attacked Person in the super targeted attack era

    Yusuke Sakuma

    Enterprise Sales Dpt. Enterprise Account Manager

    Proofpoint Japan K.K.

    Jukito Saho

    Network Security Sales Dept.


    [sponsor] Proofpoint Japan K.K.

  • in Japanese


    In the Big Data era, thinking security and governance of Data infrastructure at the Database viewpoint

    Hiroko Anzawa

    Sales Division Manager

    Aqua Systems, Inc.

    [sponsor] Aqua Systems, Inc.

  • in Japanese

    A3-083/8(Fri), 15:10-15:50

    Coming Soon

    Ichiro Kawahara

    Board of Directors

    FFRI, Inc.

    [sponsor] FFRI, Inc.

  • in Japanese

    C3-083/8(Fri), 15:10-15:50

    Security Threat and Solution in the Cloud First Era

    Maika Yamazaki

    Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.

    [sponsor] Maika Yamazaki
    Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.

  • in Japanese

    C3-093/8(Fri), 16:05-16:45

    Coming Soon

    Yoichi Matsuura


    Terilogy Worx Corporation

    [sponsor] Terilogy Worx Corporation

  • in Japanese

    D3-093/8(Fri), 16:05-16:45

    Achieving Network Security and Compliance in Hybrid Networks

    Hiroki Inoue

    Country Manager

    RedSeal, Inc.

    [sponsor] Toshiba Information Systems (Japan) Corporation

  • in Japanese

    E3-093/8(Fri), 16:05-16:45

    Coming Soon

    JIN JungHee

    Executive Director

    Penta Security Systems K.K.

    [sponsor] Penta Security Systems K.K.

  • in Japanese

    A3-103/8(Fri), 17:00-17:40

    Trend of Standardization Concerning IoT Edge Devices Error Logs and SOC Linked with -- Detecting silent attacks to IoT Edge Devices and its Operation --

    Kiyotaka ATSUMI

    Vice Chair

    Standardization of Handling Security Logs for IoT Edge Devices Working Group

    NPO Japan Network Security Association / LAC Co., Ltd.

    IoT Technology Laboratory, Cyber Grid Japan Division,

  • in Japanese

    C3-103/8(Fri), 17:00-17:40

    54 roles & Maturity Model for SOC/CSIRT

    Shinji Abe

    NTT Security Japan, / ISOG-J Director

  • in Japanese

    E3-103/8(Fri), 17:00-17:40

    Coming Soon

    Kenji Ninomiya

    Senior Manager

    The Japan Net Bank, Limited.